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Chess Today

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Title: Chess Today Author: Editor Alexander Baburin
Language: English Pages: 2-6 pages/issue
Cover: PDF-file Published: 2003
Publisher: Chess Today Homepage:
Price: €19 for 4 months, €25 for 6 months or €44 for annual subscription
Reviewed by: Erik Sobjerg Date: 31/5 2003

Chess Today

Chess Today is a unique chess-product. It is a daily chess newspaper on the internet that subscribers receive by email - seven days a week! Every email has three attached files. The main one is the "newspaper" in English, to be read with a PDF-reader. The other two attachments are a few (five to ten) games from some of the tournaments mentioned in the newspaper, in both PGN and ChessBase format.


"Standard Issue"

The standard issue of Chess Today is build on a few steady parts. Each issue has a game commented by one of the editors. There is a tactical exercise every day as well. Furthermore there is what one might call the news section, which contains results, links and short descriptions of the day’s most important chess events around the world. Recent issues also include small chess-related comics or jokes. The standard issue of Chess Today is on three pages.

Occasionally – most often on weekends – there are more commented games, book reviews, comments on chess politics, letters to the editor and other features.

The main editor is the always thorough and well writing GM Baburin. He is helped by regular contributions from GM Scherbakov, GM Golubev, IM Barsky, IM Notkin, IM Vlassov, and occasionally from others.


Two Example Issues

With the kind permission of the editor we bring here two characteristic issues for download, so you can get an idea of the "newspaper" for yourself:

I have now received Chess Today for nearly two months. In the beginning I was frankly a bit disappointed. I was simply expecting something else than I got. I thought there would be small articles on opening theory, and ideas with guidance on how to improve my own game. What I got instead was results and links to tournaments I had seen or could find elsewhere on the Internet, a game with mainly verbal comments (less concrete than I thought), and a few other features. However, I have gradually changed my mind.


Final Remarks

As time is passing I am growing more and more fond of my daily chess newspaper. I get the news served by a single email that I earlier spend time searching for on the internet. The daily game is quite good and actually very well presented considering the short time for making the comments (compared to normal newspaper chess column comments the level is quite high). The weekend special editions sometimes give thought for longer considerations. So now I will probably miss it so much that I might order it onwards.

Chess Today is good and serious work from a dedicated editor and his competent writers. Chess Today gives a fitting dose of 5-10 minutes to keep you informed of the developments in the chess world on a daily basis. The price is quite fair with 19 Euros for 4 months, considering the amount of material, and the time one saves looking for results and games on the internet.

I will consider Chess Today to be most fitting for people in the ELO range form 1400 to 2300, who wants a reliable and easy daily update on the international chess world.


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